Best Staycation at World Resort Saipan

It is by far, the best Staycation we had in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, USA. We have all we need here. And we are located at the heart of Saipan.

Front of the Hotel

So, we paid upon check in (99 USD/night 2 kids 2 adults), no reservation fee. Though, we had to email a reservation form to the front desk ahead of time.

The greetings are warm at the front desk.

The lounge area is very spacious. The area is open to the beach so it is windy and refreshing!

Ocean breeze baby!

So, we arrived at our room which is overlooking the ocean. Very nice, sanitized, well-maintained room. We have fridge, electric kettle, slippers, and the pretty basic but a necessity: clothes rack that can be put at the balcony.

They’re loving it!

Below the balcony is safety to kids which is a plus and oh wait…the sunset!!! OMG!

We can be dreamy this time!

There’s also a one stop shop (I love Saipan store) next to the reception area. Where you can buy swim wears, food, water, and other basic things.

One stop shop inside World Resort

They also have this Oasis cafe with a book lounge ambiance that serves croissant, cakes and some smoothies.

They also serve lunch buffet at 11AM for less than 20 USD (not bad).

Entrance to Buffet Restaurant at World Resort
Kids love the kiddie pool

Dad and I just sat down and watch them. The waterpark has huge slides. There’s pool canal that you can go for a floaty ride, there’s a wave pool and sports pool. They’re a bit over the top when it comes to pool. LOL.

The pool has a restaurant and its by the beach too. Its relaxing to stay here at sundown.

I enjoyed the tranquility of the place at the beach…

The beach can always be a good company.

This is actually our first staycation…and we did have a great time!

Where to Stay in Tinian Island

Tinian Diamond Hotel, the newest hotel on Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands. If you happen to travel to Tinian, I definitely recommend this one. Aside from this is just across Kamer beach, your gateway to Taga and Tachona beach, this is so dear to me as this is managed by a friend of mine, Ms Candy.

The 3 story building gives a glimpse of the front beach from above.

Its rooms are very neat and well-maintained. Incredibly spacious for a the whole family.

A free cheesecake or instant noodle for breakfast can be offered. There’s a store nearby about a 2 minute walk, and also JC cafe, the famous restaurant in Tinian, is just in the corner.

Its location is perfect as you can just walk past Taga beach down to Tachona beach.

How to Travel Cheap in Tinian Island

  1. Befriend Locals. Tinian is a tourist friendly and safe island. From offering you free meal to free rides are one of the things to save while venturing the island. Some might give out fruits and vegetables too!
  2. Stay on the Village. Being within the village is an advantage as you can just walk to stores, to beach, to nearby cafes and to your hotel.
  3. Camp on the beach. You will have the best experience camping on the beach of Tinian as it has a fine white sand, turquoise colored water, free shower and restrooms. Although coming to Tinian requires a US visa and airfare offers a hefty price. Via Hongkong route is the best choice if you’re backpacking.

Surf Rider Hotel

Hotel Review. Saipan. Northern Mariana Islands. USA.

So for a day trip to Saipan, we decided to stay here at Surf Rider due to its appealing location, by the beach, yeah….

I was amazed with the receiving area, it’s quite huge and welcoming.

At first we were greeted by the friendly staff and we were even asked which rooms do we prefer. To our delight, we chose the one closer to the beach.

So one more thing that I liked at surf rider is their in house coin store.

So, this is the front area of the hotel….

Being located at the front beach is the highlight of staying at Surf Rider. The long white sand beach is amazing.

There is a restaurant by the beach but for some reason, wont allow customers to use the tables by the sand? They said, it will be opened at dinner we went at dinner time….

So here comes dinner time, but still not allowed in that beautiful sand area tables..LOL What a pity!

So we just went back to the room and ate a lot of sweets.

Well, surprisingly there’s a gym and laundromat for guests.

Location is great! It’s just few steps from a supermarket, bakery and shops which is a consolation.

If you can request for a room, choose the ones that were newly renovated. These rooms are facing the ocean, you’ll get a nice view and these rooms are newly renovated.

PS: The room’s are nice with huge space and homey ambiance. You can try to stay at surf rider and tell us about your experience!

Tachogna Beach, Tinian

Tachogna Beach. Jimdelle is looking for shells.

It’s a lovely afternoon here at Tachogna beach Tinian Island, Northern Mariana Islands. At the sunrise its water looks radiant and tranquil. But coming here late in the afternoon, we’re chasing that beautiful sunset, a Sibuyan Island-kind of sunset here in CNMI. Simple but unforgettable.

We can find some coconut behind daddy and Sophie

Too close to the village, it’s about a minute drive away or less than 10 minute walk from our place (within San Jose Village), you can reach this beautiful long line of white sand Tachogna beach.

Run Jimdelle, there’s a shark! 😉

Here is a combination of a simple but fulfilling life. Nothing can beat an island life.

So, the sun starts to go down, it’s almost 6PM here in Tinian. My kids are still playing in the shallows. I looked at the silhouette as I quietly reminisce how I would look at the same kind of sunset behind our house in Sibuyan Island some 20 years ago when I was just dreaming about coming to Tinian Island one day.

Sunset at Tachogna beach Tinian Island

P.S.: At weekdays, the beach is empty. Weekends are family time so, everyone’s at the beach. Nevertheless, this piece of paradise remains one of the best. ***Shower rooms/shower areas available for everybody. Just keep the area clean and be respectful to everybody.

5 Beautiful Beaches in Tinian Island

Long Beach Tinian
  1. Long Beach. Located North of Tinian, this is about a 15-20 minute drive from the village. It has the longest line of white sand beach here in Tinian and the most secluded beach, less travelled path. It’s very close to Northfield (3-5 minute drive) away from other historical sites like, the atomic bomb pit, Shinto Shrine, Japanese Communication Building and blow hole.
Long Beach Tinian

2. Chulu Beach. Another secluded beach 5 minute drive away from Long Beach. It is well-known for its “star sands”, tiny sands that looked like a star. We love the breeze here. It feels good to stay for a bit.

Chulu Beach, Tinian

3. Kamer Beach. Kamer beach is just with in the village. Often a place for relaxation both for locals and expats. It’s well-maintained and kept clean. Has clean shower rooms and cottages for barbeque.

Kamer Beach

It’s nice to just sit down on the shore and watch the sunset. And my kids love to play with the pebbles!

Kamer Beach

4. Taga Beach. It is such a relaxing walk from Kamer Beach to Taga Beach. Named after the legendary “Taga” a giant man who inhabited Tinian Island. Here you can have the best view of the sunset as well. (I just took from my cellphone this raw photos).

Taga Beach

Taga beach has a wonderful view when the sea is tranquil. There’s a lot in google search, but i’d like to include in my post too, that sometimes, it can be rough but still, equally beautiful too.

Taga Beach. –> that’s the stairs going down to the shore of Taga beach.

5. Tachona Beach. The most beloved amongst them. It feels like I’m in Boracay Island everytime we come here. This is the most beautiful view in Tinian during sunrise till sunset. The white sand and the turquoise water looks so beautiful, it’s tempting!

My kids would request to stay a little bit longer when we go swimming here. Lovely! Hehe 🙂

A Glimpse of Life in Tinian Island

Life here is not that complicated. Basic things are met. People are friendly. And it’s almost like the usual province life in Philippines.

Yes. this is the only way to the city capital (10-15 minute ride to Saipan). It’s 6 seater plane about 50 US dollars airfare. You can see the whole Tinian and Saipan from above, that’s really rewarding.

This is a laundromat where we do our laundry and dry them at the same time. Just around this building are 5 small stores for the island’s basic needs, 2 pizza restaurants, and 3 other small restaurants, 2 small barber shops and 1 more laundromat.

Life is simple and less worries. About 2 minute drive, you get to work, you get to the beach and you get to the stores.

We do love to walk around and it’s definitely safe even at night time. People on the island know each other. The local people are called Chamorro, one of the friendliest people in the world. Waving of one hand is a form of greeting when you meet each other on the road.

Crops and vegetables grow abundantly here. The land is so fertile. There’s some wild fruits , coconut, and a vast wild hot pepper that’s open for everybody. Chinese farmer can supply the needs of the whole island. Although, some are imported as well. Many of the expats have their own gardens.

*Relax, you’re on island time…

How to get to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Hongkong-Saipan Route. This route is the cheapest way. If you happen to be exploring Hongkong, then Saipan is just 5 hours away.

For Filipinos though, we need to have a US visa when we enter Saipan. You can book a flight at Hongkong Express Airlines ( The cheapest deal you can get is USD 50-99 and if you’re lucky enough, business class.

If you plan having this route, just travel light. Check in at least 2 hours before your flight. After checking in, you have to find your boarding gate. Hongkong airport is frigging huge. In your boarding pass, you can see your gate number. Follow the signs and directions where to go. A short train ride might be needed.

Guam-Saipan Route. Guam is a 3 hour flight going to Saipan. This route is best and the most hassle-free way getting to Saipan. US visa is needed though. The airfare should cost around USD 200-US 250.

Cross Border from Thailand to Cambodia by Train

  1. From Bangkok, take a taxi going to Hua Lamphong Train Station. Be there before 4:30AM to make sure you have enough time to secure a ticket and all that.
  2. Buy a ticket going to Aranyaprathet Station. Train leaves at 5:55AM. Ticket is about USD 2.5 (48 Baht) (6 hrs travel by train).
  3. Get off at Aranyaprathet Station and take Tuktuk to the border (12 minute ride). USD 2.00 (48 Baht).
  4. Upon getting off at the border, Just follow the post/sign or other travelers who are crossing the borders. Thailand Immigration Office (left building). Fill out Thailand Immigration Departure Card and line-up.
  5. Get out of the building and walk to the Cambodian arch. Line-up at Cambodian Immigration office for your passport stamp. Go outside the building and take a Khmer cab (you can talk to other travelers to split fare with, at least 4 passengers) going to Siem Reap. ( USD 15 each).
  6. Destination- Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cheapest Hotel in Saipan

La Vista Hotel. Located in Chalan Kanoa, the heart of Saipan. I’d recommend this for backpackers. For US$25/day, it’s a steal!

Best Side. It’s just few steps from: Local restaurant (Gold something, I forgot the name hehe, but good food and desserts at very reasonable price), a supermarket, a fresh fruit vendor, a laundromat, and Subway Sandwiches.

You can use the kitchen (You can use all Mr. Lee’s kitchen stuff there). Its well-maintained. Staff are friendly.

The 2 minutes walk going to the front beach is awesome.

The not so good side: Restrooms are separated from room and they’re shared, though WC are clean. Rooms can be shared with other travellers at 4 in one room. I had Korean and Russian roommate and they’re amazing people.

The rooms. No bad at all…it was really comfortable and the AC was really cold… You have your own locker. And ooops! Breakfast included—for free 🙂

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