3 Islands to Visit in Northern Mariana Islands

US land in Chamorro soil, Northern Mariana Islands is a hidden gem. With just a right amount of sunshine, and the rain tastes like a warm coffee……

Rota Island

Island hopping is different here in US territory. Planes like 8 seater will take you to this secluded beautiful tiny island and experience a complete relaxation or probably just to escape the horrific hustle and bustle life in the city. Experience local cuisine and Chamorro culture. Visit Rota Island and it will never disappoint.

Saipan Island

This is the city capital and the melting point for tourists and shopping area. This is still surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, historical sites, and a tiny white sand beach islet called Managaha. Such a wonderful place in the US territory, indeed!

Tinian Island

Amongst these beautiful arrays of beautiful islands here in CNMI, Tinian is the most lovable. It is just a 10 minute plane ride from Saipan. The most simplest form of way of living in the world can be found here. Of course, talking about the whites sand beaches and beautiful views? Tinian Island is one of the best.

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