Cheapest Hotel in Saipan

La Vista Hotel. Located in Chalan Kanoa, the heart of Saipan. I’d recommend this for backpackers. For US$25/day, it’s a steal!

Best Side. It’s just few steps from: Local restaurant (Gold something, I forgot the name hehe, but good food and desserts at very reasonable price), a supermarket, a fresh fruit vendor, a laundromat, and Subway Sandwiches.

You can use the kitchen (You can use all Mr. Lee’s kitchen stuff there). Its well-maintained. Staff are friendly.

The 2 minutes walk going to the front beach is awesome.

The not so good side: Restrooms are separated from room and they’re shared, though WC are clean. Rooms can be shared with other travellers at 4 in one room. I had Korean and Russian roommate and they’re amazing people.

The rooms. No bad at all…it was really comfortable and the AC was really cold… You have your own locker. And ooops! Breakfast included—for free 🙂

Published by Adelyn

I want to travel with my family on a budget

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