A Glimpse of Life in Tinian Island

Life here is not that complicated. Basic things are met. People are friendly. And it’s almost like the usual province life in Philippines.

Yes. this is the only way to the city capital (10-15 minute ride to Saipan). It’s 6 seater plane about 50 US dollars airfare. You can see the whole Tinian and Saipan from above, that’s really rewarding.

This is a laundromat where we do our laundry and dry them at the same time. Just around this building are 5 small stores for the island’s basic needs, 2 pizza restaurants, and 3 other small restaurants, 2 small barber shops and 1 more laundromat.

Life is simple and less worries. About 2 minute drive, you get to work, you get to the beach and you get to the stores.

We do love to walk around and it’s definitely safe even at night time. People on the island know each other. The local people are called Chamorro, one of the friendliest people in the world. Waving of one hand is a form of greeting when you meet each other on the road.

Crops and vegetables grow abundantly here. The land is so fertile. There’s some wild fruits , coconut, and a vast wild hot pepper that’s open for everybody. Chinese farmer can supply the needs of the whole island. Although, some are imported as well. Many of the expats have their own gardens.

*Relax, you’re on island time…

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