5 Beautiful Beaches in Tinian Island

Long Beach Tinian
  1. Long Beach. Located North of Tinian, this is about a 15-20 minute drive from the village. It has the longest line of white sand beach here in Tinian and the most secluded beach, less travelled path. It’s very close to Northfield (3-5 minute drive) away from other historical sites like, the atomic bomb pit, Shinto Shrine, Japanese Communication Building and blow hole.
Long Beach Tinian

2. Chulu Beach. Another secluded beach 5 minute drive away from Long Beach. It is well-known for its “star sands”, tiny sands that looked like a star. We love the breeze here. It feels good to stay for a bit.

Chulu Beach, Tinian

3. Kamer Beach. Kamer beach is just with in the village. Often a place for relaxation both for locals and expats. It’s well-maintained and kept clean. Has clean shower rooms and cottages for barbeque.

Kamer Beach

It’s nice to just sit down on the shore and watch the sunset. And my kids love to play with the pebbles!

Kamer Beach

4. Taga Beach. It is such a relaxing walk from Kamer Beach to Taga Beach. Named after the legendary “Taga” a giant man who inhabited Tinian Island. Here you can have the best view of the sunset as well. (I just took from my cellphone this raw photos).

Taga Beach

Taga beach has a wonderful view when the sea is tranquil. There’s a lot in google search, but i’d like to include in my post too, that sometimes, it can be rough but still, equally beautiful too.

Taga Beach. –> that’s the stairs going down to the shore of Taga beach.

5. Tachona Beach. The most beloved amongst them. It feels like I’m in Boracay Island everytime we come here. This is the most beautiful view in Tinian during sunrise till sunset. The white sand and the turquoise water looks so beautiful, it’s tempting!

My kids would request to stay a little bit longer when we go swimming here. Lovely! Hehe šŸ™‚

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