Tachogna Beach, Tinian

Tachogna Beach. Jimdelle is looking for shells.

It’s a lovely afternoon here at Tachogna beach Tinian Island, Northern Mariana Islands. At the sunrise its water looks radiant and tranquil. But coming here late in the afternoon, we’re chasing that beautiful sunset, a Sibuyan Island-kind of sunset here in CNMI. Simple but unforgettable.

We can find some coconut behind daddy and Sophie

Too close to the village, it’s about a minute drive away or less than 10 minute walk from our place (within San Jose Village), you can reach this beautiful long line of white sand Tachogna beach.

Run Jimdelle, there’s a shark! 😉

Here is a combination of a simple but fulfilling life. Nothing can beat an island life.

So, the sun starts to go down, it’s almost 6PM here in Tinian. My kids are still playing in the shallows. I looked at the silhouette as I quietly reminisce how I would look at the same kind of sunset behind our house in Sibuyan Island some 20 years ago when I was just dreaming about coming to Tinian Island one day.

Sunset at Tachogna beach Tinian Island

P.S.: At weekdays, the beach is empty. Weekends are family time so, everyone’s at the beach. Nevertheless, this piece of paradise remains one of the best. ***Shower rooms/shower areas available for everybody. Just keep the area clean and be respectful to everybody.

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