Surf Rider Hotel

Hotel Review. Saipan. Northern Mariana Islands. USA.

So for a day trip to Saipan, we decided to stay here at Surf Rider due to its appealing location, by the beach, yeah….

I was amazed with the receiving area, it’s quite huge and welcoming.

At first we were greeted by the friendly staff and we were even asked which rooms do we prefer. To our delight, we chose the one closer to the beach.

So one more thing that I liked at surf rider is their in house coin store.

So, this is the front area of the hotel….

Being located at the front beach is the highlight of staying at Surf Rider. The long white sand beach is amazing.

There is a restaurant by the beach but for some reason, wont allow customers to use the tables by the sand? They said, it will be opened at dinner we went at dinner time….

So here comes dinner time, but still not allowed in that beautiful sand area tables..LOL What a pity!

So we just went back to the room and ate a lot of sweets.

Well, surprisingly there’s a gym and laundromat for guests.

Location is great! It’s just few steps from a supermarket, bakery and shops which is a consolation.

If you can request for a room, choose the ones that were newly renovated. These rooms are facing the ocean, you’ll get a nice view and these rooms are newly renovated.

PS: The room’s are nice with huge space and homey ambiance. You can try to stay at surf rider and tell us about your experience!

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