Best Staycation at World Resort Saipan

It is by far, the best Staycation we had in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, USA. We have all we need here. And we are located at the heart of Saipan.

Front of the Hotel

So, we paid upon check in (99 USD/night 2 kids 2 adults), no reservation fee. Though, we had to email a reservation form to the front desk ahead of time.

The greetings are warm at the front desk.

The lounge area is very spacious. The area is open to the beach so it is windy and refreshing!

Ocean breeze baby!

So, we arrived at our room which is overlooking the ocean. Very nice, sanitized, well-maintained room. We have fridge, electric kettle, slippers, and the pretty basic but a necessity: clothes rack that can be put at the balcony.

They’re loving it!

Below the balcony is safety to kids which is a plus and oh wait…the sunset!!! OMG!

We can be dreamy this time!

There’s also a one stop shop (I love Saipan store) next to the reception area. Where you can buy swim wears, food, water, and other basic things.

One stop shop inside World Resort

They also have this Oasis cafe with a book lounge ambiance that serves croissant, cakes and some smoothies.

They also serve lunch buffet at 11AM for less than 20 USD (not bad).

Entrance to Buffet Restaurant at World Resort
Kids love the kiddie pool

Dad and I just sat down and watch them. The waterpark has huge slides. There’s pool canal that you can go for a floaty ride, there’s a wave pool and sports pool. They’re a bit over the top when it comes to pool. LOL.

The pool has a restaurant and its by the beach too. Its relaxing to stay here at sundown.

I enjoyed the tranquility of the place at the beach…

The beach can always be a good company.

This is actually our first staycation…and we did have a great time!

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