Waterfalls in Rota Northern Mariana Islands

The unpredictable weather seems never ending. So it was a Saturday morning when the sun wasn’t still showing. Driving this old Sedan heading to a farm, moving forward down the left side of a huge breadfruit tree. I was holding a plate of cheesy egg sandwich that was made for me. It was a bumpy parking. Half of the food fell on the side. Oh wait! The trail starts here!

Rota Northern Mariana Islands Waterfalls (Follow the stream)

Rain drops fell one by one and the clouds covering the jungle canopy creates a thick cold gust of wind so soothing to the skin. Tried to cross that lil bridge whilst hearing that sound of the stream.

Heading to the Ogkok Waterfalls (Songsong Village)

Those wild flowers gathered round the corner, reminds me that never got them. So for the first time, I got mine. There were some random sounds of chirping birds and crickets singing along with these loud heartbeats.

So just following the stream, it wasn’t hard at all. Hopping here and crossing there. Just stay close with the rocks, held ’em tight. Did not let go.

Rota Northern Mariana Islands Waterfalls (1)

Once found the water where it flows, oh! The rain was warm and but when it fell, it’s brown. Like a vague sweet love that you can never have.

Two unforgettable hours till back on the trailhead. One tip that I can share is hike when it’s sunny, while the water is clear. So you can savor the warmth of the water without hesitation or regrets.

I’ve been to a hundred waterfalls but only now it showed. Hence, it must be known. A water is only desirable, when pure.

Rota Island’s “Ogkok” Waterfalls (photo by: fanpop.com)

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