Waterfalls in Rota Northern Mariana Islands

How to get to Rota waterfalls

Just follow the road straight from Songsong village. Just be watchful of the cliff on each side of the narrow road. At the end of the road, there’s a farm, there’s 2 roads, hit the right side going down until you see a huge breadfruit tree. That’s where the trail to the waterfalls starts. It’s also obvious because of the flowing stream coming down from the waterfalls.

Heading to the Ogkok Waterfalls from Songsong Village

The roads are paved in these area, are mostly covered with shade of the trees which is so cool. The views are really beautiful. On the way, there’s an old Japanese canon that was used during WWII, it’s worth a stop over.

On the way to the waterfalls, over looking the “wedding cake”

It will take about an hour drive to be able to see this first stream. Which means, you’re getting there. Be careful, it’s the start of narrow and zigzag roads. There’s also cliff on both sides of the roads, drive slowly.

The first stream…

There’s a local farm, which leads to 2 roads, turn right. The road starts to be bumpy until on the left side is the breadfruit tree. The trail starts here. There’s no phone coverage starting here until to the waterfalls.

The start of the trail, the breadfruit tree.

Just don’t go if it’s raining or it rained. The water can become brown. I can’t tell exactly when is the best time to travel to Rota as the weather is perfect all year long.

Just follow this stream…

The stream is shallow. There you will see wild flowers and the jungle canopy are thick, it gives off cool breeze. Just follow this lead. It will take about an hour to get there.

Rota Island’s Waterfall

There must be a little cave. Get through it, otherwise, you have to jump off the top (not too high though).

Rota Island’s waterfall

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