Where is Saipan, Tinian and Rota, Northern Mariana Islands

These Islands which once colonized by Spain in 1521 and Japan during WWII belongs to Chamorro people who had their own way of living through hunting, fishing and farming. They’re language is Chamorro. After WWII, it became a Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and people here since became US Citizens. Until today, these islands are territories of United States of America.

I circled with red ink. Its not even visible, but you just need to zoom in at google maps

How to get to Northern Mariana Islands

Tinian, Saipan and Rota are close to each other. The most nearest more famous place is Guam, then the gateway to the international flights would be Japan or Hongkong, and Korea or Guam itself. The famous airlines here are Hongkong Express, Jeju Air, United Airlines, Delta Airlines. Star Marianas Air for within NMI and Guam.

So all you need to get is US visa before you can come and visit here.

I took these routes: Manila-Guam-Saipan-Tinian. Manila-Japan-Saipan. Saipan-Hongkong-Manila. Tinian-Saipan-Rota.

The Weather.

This is a tropical island mostly humid during March to May and some rainy days between June to October. A little cool and windy between November to February. As for me, its weather is perfect all year long.

Tinian Island

The language/People

Except from mother language, people here are fluent in English. There’s also expats from Philippines, Bangladesh, Chinese and others. People are respectful and is definitely safe travel.

Chamorro Dance During their Rota Fiesta

The Food

Definitely diverse too: Filipino, American, Chamorro food, Chinese, name it.

World Resort Breakfast Buffet at $20

Is it expensive to travel to Northern Mariana Islands?

The currency here is US dollars. It can be costly, depends. For example, buffet restaurant is from 15-30 dollars, rent a car is 45 dollars/day, hotels from 40, 60, or 100+ dollars. Groceries mostly from Southeast Asia and US too at reasonable prices.

Air BNB in Rota

How beautiful is Northern Mariana Islands.

All I can say is if you have US visa, earn a little money, pack your bags and come to NMI. It is one of the island paradise in Northern Pacific, crystal clear blue/green waters, white sand beach, waterfalls (Rota), peaceful community and also it has some fair share of past history during WWII. Some old Japanese buildings and remnants of war, a must visit.

Tinian Island’s Chiget’s beach

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