3 Reasons Why a Family Should Travel

  1. We need to try new things. It is so exciting to discover what’s out there. Long travel by bus, train rides on the countryside and travel by sea. What culture is it in other places. How does their food taste? Is it scary to go there?

2. It creates positive outlook in life. What’s far better than spending 10 years of your life in one place and be unhappy about some things? Get up, pack your bag, and leave. Go to some places that you can be relaxed. Take a walk in the beach. Listen to the sound of the flowing stream. It feels so good just to be laid back and let the time pass by, isn’t it?

3. Brand new start. Let’s forget about what happened yesterday but be excited to what will happen tomorrow. Let’s start making some memories!!!

3 Islands to Visit in Northern Mariana Islands

US land in Chamorro soil, Northern Mariana Islands is a hidden gem. With just a right amount of sunshine, and the rain tastes like a warm coffee……

Rota Island

Island hopping is different here in US territory. Planes like 8 seater will take you to this secluded beautiful tiny island and experience a complete relaxation or probably just to escape the horrific hustle and bustle life in the city. Experience local cuisine and Chamorro culture. Visit Rota Island and it will never disappoint.

Saipan Island

This is the city capital and the melting point for tourists and shopping area. This is still surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, historical sites, and a tiny white sand beach islet called Managaha. Such a wonderful place in the US territory, indeed!

Tinian Island

Amongst these beautiful arrays of beautiful islands here in CNMI, Tinian is the most lovable. It is just a 10 minute plane ride from Saipan. The most simplest form of way of living in the world can be found here. Of course, talking about the whites sand beaches and beautiful views? Tinian Island is one of the best.

Northern Mariana Islands

Hi there! A fresh start from Northern Mariana Islands. We’re an expat living here in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

A tropical islands with white sand beaches is worth staying for almost 10 years. But hoping to see the world soon, even though, we’re just a budget family travellers. 🙂

Tachona Beach

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